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A selection of images from 20 amazing trips to Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic, from 1988 to 2014. The earliest images were taken on 35mm film, with later images from my first couple of forays with a digital camera (a Canon Powershot S50 point-and-shoot), through various Canons, to my current Canon 5D3.
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Sculptured Iceberg ISculptured Iceberg IIJade IceMelt pool detailBreathIceberg IciclesFlat OutInquisitive MatesReflecting KingsFollow Me!Adelie PenguinRobertson Bay & Mt SabineSnow PetrelSculptured 'Berg & Antarctic PetrelsComfort ZoneThe TwinsIB Kapitan Khlebnikov in the Ross Sea IIIceberg IIceberg IIIceberg III