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These images are available as 20 x 30 inch prints, exactly as shown here, and are printed including the white borders. Images 19 and 20 are in a "square" format, and are available in a selection of sizes. Images 21 to 24 are panorama format, also available in a variety of sizes. The white border allows for the image to be placed directly into a frame without the addition of a matt, or alternatively, allows your framer some room to move when framing your selection.

A hardcover A4-sized photobook with these and many more RSV Aurora Australis images is available for order online for AUD $99.50
"Aurora Australis: 20 years in the ice".

The original exhibition was held at the Sidespace Gallery in Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, from the 19th to the 27th of June 2010, commemorating 20 years in the ice.
Mirror SmoothIn the sea ice offshore from Davis station, November 2006Off the Petersen Bank, October 2006Bunker door, January 2010The best seat in the house, November 2006Emergency Escape (triptych)Elvis (has left the building) (triptych)Keep Closed at Sea (triptych)Scootmobile (triptych)Fire Dampers (triptych)Emergency Exit (triptych)Exclusion Zone (triptych)Anchor, November 2006Heading south, October 2006Through open pack, December 2005Heavy ice north of Casey, December 2009Pinhole camera view, helideck, December 2005Ice and Steel, December 2009Aurora Australis over the RSV Aurora Australis, 2011Into the ice, vicinity of the Mertz Glacier, October 2002