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Tasmania's Franklin River is dark, both literally and metaphorically. The tannins leached from the vegetation result in deep pools that seem unfathomable, and the history to save it from the mentality that described it as "a leech-ridden ditch" was certainly a dark time. And it's thanks to many people who were abused, attacked and jailed, fighting for its protection, that we all have the chance to be swept along by this river, to journey upon it.

This exhibition was held at the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, Hobart, September - December 2005
Lower Franklin RiverFranklin River IQuartzite JewelsNewlands Cascades INewlands Cascades IINewlands Cascades IIINewlands Cascades IVIrenabyss IPig Trough Rapid BoulderFranklin River IIIrenabyss IISir John Falls